Event Safety is Our Primary Concern

Swimmers are encouraged to have a support paddler accompany them to carry food and water and serve as a mobile rest stop. Our paddler safety squad, a group of experienced volunteers, will provide an extra layer of safety surrounding the swimmers and support paddlers. Safety boats will have extra flotation devices and watch for swimmers in distress.We have worked with the Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Coast Guard to ensure swimmer safety from start to finish. Motorized safety boats will monitor the entire course and medical personnel will be on-site.

Swimmers must wear the numbered swim cap provided, have their race number on their hands, and follow all announced safety rules, which will be reviewed at the safety briefing before the start.



We seeking experienced paddlers to assist on the day of the Swim. Members of this group are not responsible for individual swimmers but for the entire group, acting as an additional layer of safety around the main group of swimmers and support kayakers. Participants in this group must be experienced in open water and have their own kayak, canoe or paddleboard and safety equipment (flotation, etc.). Please contact for more information.