Kids Swim for Grand Traverse Bay: Those participating in the Kids Swim for Grand Traverse Bay do not need to fundraise

Swim for Grand Traverse Bay: Each swimmer is responsible for raising at least $150 to support The Watershed Center’s mission to advocate for water quality and protect and preserve Grand Traverse Bay and its 1,000-square-mile watershed. There is no fundraising requirement for support paddlers.

Once you register for the Swim, you will be directed to create a profile through RunSignUp that can then be shared with friends and family via email, text, social media and other creative endeavors. Your supporters can donate online. 

You can also fundraise by collecting pledges from your supporters and mailing or delivering them to The Watershed Center. 

A variety of prizes will be awarded to the top fundraisers!



Set a Fundraising Goal

Just like you might set a timing or completion goal for the Swim, set a goal for your fundraising.

Customize Your Fundraising Page

Tell the story about why the charity is important to you – make it personal.

Donate to Yourself

Make an anonymous donation to yourself as a kick start.

Use Social Media

Share your story with friends and family and ask them for support. Post a link to your fundraising page and your personal story.

Email Everyone You Know

Your friends and family may miss a social media post, but they have to either open or delete an email. Group people together (friends, co-workers, family, etc.) and craft a message that speaks to them.

Get Creative

Not everyone can donate money, but there are tons of way to get creative to earn funds, including a bake sale, can drive, or yard sale.

The Power of Ten

Ask ten neighbors, co-workers, friends, family or community members for a $5 or $10 donation. You’ll have reached – and hopefully exceeded – your goal in no time.

Don’t Forget the Thank You

RunSignUp will automatically send a thank you note to anyone who donates to your campaign, but a personal thanks will go a long way. Send your donors an email, write them a note or give them a shout on your Facebook page. Appreciate the people who support you this year and they will be more likely to do so again for next year’s Swim!



The minimum fundraising requirement of $150 is due in full prior to participating in the event on  August 10, 2019. If the $150 requirement has not been raised by that date, you will have the option to withdraw from the Swim (no registration or donation refunds will be issued), have the outstanding balance charged to your credit card, or write a check.

"Training for the two mile swim is a small price to pay for the chance to support our amazing resources that we enjoy every day, through all seasons in the Grand Traverse area. I'm honored to have the opportunity to swim and raise money for the Watershed, for now and for my children’s future here.
It’s not hard to ask other people to join in supporting the Watershed Cetner’s efforts to support and advocate for this incredible place we are all drawn to. A chance for people to give back? Most people I asked, gladly said “absolutely!”"
- Ashlea Walter, 2016 1st Place Fundraier