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Swim for GT Bay and the Kids Swim for GT Bay


Celebrate clean, healthy water in Grand Traverse Bay with an open-water swim. The events benefit The Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay, a non-profit that works to protect the bay and its 1,000-square mile watershed.

Kids Swim for Grand Traverse Bay is a fun half-mile point-to-point open water swim aimed at swimmers ages 12-17. The Kids Swim will take place on Friday, August 9, 2019 at 6pm and will go from West End Beach to Volleyball Beach in downtown Traverse City. 

Swim for Grand Traverse Bay is one of the region’s only point-to-point open water swim events on Saturday, August 10, 2019 at 8am, to benefit The Watershed Center. The fourth annual 2-mile bay swim begins at Greilickville Harbor Park in Elmwood Township and ends at Volleyball Beach, in beautiful downtown Traverse City.  Whether you’re a serious swimmer looking for a timed event, a triathlete wanting to practice in open water, a recreational swimmer setting a personal goal for your swimming or someone who is passionate about water quality and making a difference locally, the Swim for Grand Traverse Bay is an exciting, challenging and fun celebration of clean and healthy water in our region. 


MAY 1, 2019:
Registration now open for the 2019 Swim for GT Bay

JUNE 1, 2019
Registration opens for the 2019 Kids Swim for GT Bay

2019 Kids Swim for
Grand Traverse Bay

2019 Swim for
Grand Traverse Bay

2018 Swim for GT Bay